Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You can roll your eyes inside, but tell your face don't!

Kim is a SERIOUS advisor in business school, a key to the bankers' hearts.
He does not smile. Period.

He is kinda intimidating to lots of students here, but I like him though --- I just generally like people deep into the extreme world.

He is so sharp and professional. By just looking at him, you know he is a banker-- he is so direct to the point.


I am going to San Francisco Trip to visit Investment banks there with IBC club.
I guess the application process was very competitive and only 30 people gotta go. It was on my fortune.

So, today when we were in the trip prep. meeting.
The leaders of the club pointed out how people shouldn't ask stupid questions in front of the bankers, like to a female banker "how do you be a mom as the same time as a banker?". Apparently, in the past a female banker felt so offended about this question and responded with a cold tone: "I'm not interested in that (being a mom)."...... Is that a stupid question asking people's life styles? maybe.

Kim added: "Also, just don't roll your eyes when others ask stupid questions...." And he continued, "well, you can actually roll your eyes, just tell you face DON'T!"
OH MY GOSH...he jokes!
I guess it's not a easy deal to carry our university's brand around the pros.

Another expected but still surprising discovery:
In the 30 people who are going for banking trip, 4 of us are female( Kim said the word "girls" is not appropriate in this industry).

Guess what?
All of us four are Asians girls....the others are white guys.

Somehow I was kinda proud of myself and felt a bit uncomfortable at the same time.
Kim said bankers like to see girls in the team........I suddenly felt my importance. haha!

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