Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You can roll your eyes inside, but tell your face don't!

Kim is a SERIOUS advisor in business school, a key to the bankers' hearts.
He does not smile. Period.

He is kinda intimidating to lots of students here, but I like him though --- I just generally like people deep into the extreme world.

He is so sharp and professional. By just looking at him, you know he is a banker-- he is so direct to the point.


I am going to San Francisco Trip to visit Investment banks there with IBC club.
I guess the application process was very competitive and only 30 people gotta go. It was on my fortune.

So, today when we were in the trip prep. meeting.
The leaders of the club pointed out how people shouldn't ask stupid questions in front of the bankers, like to a female banker "how do you be a mom as the same time as a banker?". Apparently, in the past a female banker felt so offended about this question and responded with a cold tone: "I'm not interested in that (being a mom)."...... Is that a stupid question asking people's life styles? maybe.

Kim added: "Also, just don't roll your eyes when others ask stupid questions...." And he continued, "well, you can actually roll your eyes, just tell you face DON'T!"
OH MY GOSH...he jokes!
I guess it's not a easy deal to carry our university's brand around the pros.

Another expected but still surprising discovery:
In the 30 people who are going for banking trip, 4 of us are female( Kim said the word "girls" is not appropriate in this industry).

Guess what?
All of us four are Asians girls....the others are white guys.

Somehow I was kinda proud of myself and felt a bit uncomfortable at the same time.
Kim said bankers like to see girls in the team........I suddenly felt my importance. haha!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This reminds me of what Chad said.

I don't know how people still act so smart in front of their friends,
I cannot do that.

So, once we become friends, mostly you wouldn't see me smart enough.

More and more, I realize I am surrounded by so many genius friends.
I flashed back to the time when my physical science TA Chad told us:" There must be certain period of time you would feel like everyone around you in BYU is so smart -- they ace every class and still get 5 dates per week..." He was a very fun nerd, thin and smart, kinda cute.
....Here it comes, and he was right and definitely prophesized my current situation.

I do not care about dates any more after starting to consider the special beauty of nerds. But, I do recognized the fact I always amazed by others. I am a big fan of mostly every friend of mine.
And, yes! I do ask dumb questions to my good friends.

So, I finally felt like I should be one of those wall street sharp people, at least be outstanding enough to fit in that crowd.....
I told a friend, with a excitement of finding the real treasure...... He said I should calm down!

I don't blame him. I looked childish and way too excited, maybe? :/

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Myth: Chinese Girls Don't Need Recipes

There are funny things about stereotypes or ....about our imagination.
I don't like stereotypes about Asian people in general, because I don't want to be wore certain tags.

When a professor wants me to tell everyone something interesting about China, I suddenly did not know what to say. However, one thing came up in my mind, so I said it out loud.....
"In China, we don't have fortune cookies!"
Heart broken right? I know......I saw people super duper suprised, like when you were 10 or 9, your best friends told you about there's never a Santa Claus. You are mature enough to buy this fact, but still feel depression deep inside.

My former roommate used to ask me:" So, do you guys eat see the fortune note before or after you eat the cookie?"
Me: "I don't know. I never had it in China."
I heard jaw-dropping sound.

Anyway, I was washing the dishes. ( And yes, I do use those plastic gloves when I wash dishes to enhance the joy from doing cleaning. It's just me though.) Somehow I thought about how so many people commented:" You Chinese girls all know how to cook and you don't even need a recipe."

It is such a different perspective of thinking, very western.

is pretty much an American way of thinking and cooking.
In fact, Chinese people cannot cook simply relying on a recipe, which is just a tiny part of cooking. Experiences are way more important for those professional Chinese cooks. Only through experiences, they will be able to smell the senses, to see the colors, to listen to the sounds, and to feel the heat. I consider heat is the most significant element in Chinese cooking since we stir-fry so much. However, one cannot learn easily about the heat through certain recipes.

while you are amazed by how some people master cook without recipes,
please note that sometimes those people simply don't know how to cook in a standard way and they just throw things together to make a dish.
Like me! (Hands up!)

Oh dear......

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Recessive Business Mindset

So, I never identify myself as someone with business personalities.
I do not like competitions in general.

Just now, i realized how things you learned daily could really affect you inside......

Last night, a new friend just randomly walked into my apartment and started to chat with me and my dear roommate. Somehow, he mentioned he served his mission in NYC for two years and lived in Brooklyn area.....My roommate and I were impressed, and yelled it out:
My roommate: "Wow! It's so dangerous!"
Me: "Wow! It's so expensive!"
At the same time, exactly.

Really the moment i was thinking how it could be the most expensive rent someone could ever pay, but obviously my roommate's comment was humaner.
Shame on me....Well, that's why I am a business student.

So, we learned "sunk cost" in my finance class, while i noticed there were actually 5 girls out of 40 student in my class.
Sunk cost is simply the cost you spent that should not affect your future decision making.
Like, the TV show I watched last night, how the guy disagreed to break up with her girl friend after spending so much time, love and money on her. He probably noticed they wouldn't fit each other, but still couldn't let it go. He STILL wanted to get married, just as a result.
Dude, the time, love,and money are sunk cost here. It's once done, and gone forever and cannot be recalled. In this way, why don't you make a better-off decision?

If you emotionally cannot let the sunk cost go, you will lose more.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something about my beautiful mom

So 2 mins ago, my bishop stoped by my apartment and asked me if I want to give a talk on my mom next Sunday, on Mother's Day.
Why not? Giving a talk is never hard for me, even though English is not my first language.
I actually love performing, singing or talking, in front of people in a public event....usually.

MY MOM?! Let me see..........hmm....

Someone I love so much and can exchange my life for

someone who has a stronger heart than me

someone has the total control over her family with love, respect and authority

someone never ever showed her sorrow in front of me, not that i could remember

someone who obtains nice skin. My mom is pretty and elegant, non-biased. Cuz she's my mom, i never realized that she was pretty before.

Someone who has a bad temper and is able to explore her anger easily, all at one time...well, she never saved it for later and never got mad at someone for a longer time as well.

Someone who lost her own mother while she was in high school.

Someone who is the middle of the five girls in her family, and played a heroic,big-brother role.

Someone who told me that if you loved a guy, as a girl, you should not easily tell him so....this way, he would get more addicted to your affaction. haha, funny huh? but sometimes, she's right, at least in her relationship with my dad.----this point is so Chinese!!

Someone who once got super mad at me when i did not appreciate someone's help with true kindness.

Someone who shared nothing in common, in terms of religious views. She doesn't think about that subject, and I am a mormon.

Someone always keeps giving me a confirmation that I am a nice girl and one day I will find someone who deserves a really cheerish, nice guy to marry.

Someone who wants me to be happy, lovable and kind.

Someone who wins everyone's love and respect in my family.

Someone who is lucky, confident and supportive in her marriage and the man whom she married to.

Someone who keeps her eyes on a big family,  my cousins', my aunts' and uncles' lives.

Someone who was borned in the Year of the Horse as I was. She was definited as a "happy, wealthy but exhausting horse", while I am supposed to be a "generous, careless and content one."

There are whole a lot more....

Some of my Chinese friends joked on me, maybe they ain't joking....
" You know, your mom is so pretty and elegant, she has well-defined features on her pretty face don't look like her at all.......maybe you look like your dad."(they never saw my dad.)
I feel sorry for my dad.

My mom is a pretty woman. She is my world.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

why this song got stuck into my head?

I was praying that April can end fast,
everything I felt bothered would be gone like magic, no more Isys projects, no more emotional feelings, no more finals or lack of sleep.

Spring comes gradually in Provo, and after the trip to Arches Park in Moab, I feel a lot more energetic and ready for the next step in college. The song stuck into my head is still "Wake Me Up When September Ends." I guess I love his voice at this time.

However, today is the third day of class. I noticed how empty the campus is, and great friends are gone. I said so many times I would miss my friends after they left, and they consistently responded: "You will have more new friends." I always feel each individual is not replaceble by anyone else. Yes, we all will have new friends and life will move on. Just not in the same way exactly.

Sometimes i still had the yesterday-once-more scenes coming back in front of my eyes...

I remembered before Kristy left for home, I told her with watery eyes:"I will miss you and can't believe we will not see each other til next year. But you will have fun in Nanjing..."Later I realized I looked overwhelming in front of my sassy friend. Kristy is a sunshine girl, at least I never felt she was sad about anything. So those words might weight too much,haha, I felt I was a little cheezy, but I was not pretending.

I miss talking to Sisi on the bench on the 3rd floor of Wilk. Library is not happy without her...She was always busy around Library, JKB and the Math building, in the last semester?haha, she always wore bright colors that matched her perfectly. She carried her light green backpack around, with her lunch boxes in it. She had lots of cute earrings. The last time I ran into her, she was going to have some Taco Bell, which is what I usually eat, while I was eating her favorite Canyon Road ice cream. And, we laughed about it. I love the time I watched General Conference together. I appreciated the time she did not ask me and peeled the scar, instead, she made awesome noodle soup in such a cold day......Sisi, you are so amazing. I wanted to say who else could be better? but that might sound like I am worshiping you,haha. I could imagine you would say:" mei you la..." With a gentle smile.

Life is about to move on.
"People come and walk away, but I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere..."
What song is that? I couldn't remember.
I dislike the feeling that people are leaving me behind.

When my parents sent me to the airport the first time I came the the States, alone,
they felt so worried, cuz I was 17 and had never been to any other country before.
My mom said she cried seeing me, "a tiny body", pushing the cart with two huge suitcases.
I never look back (maybe never?), especially when i deal with this kind of situation.
I prefer to be the first one who turns around and walks away, and leave.
I don't like to feel people are leaving me, either departing in the airport or death, or being dishonest.

Everything is fine, and will be fine.
I am so happy for the friends who graduate though, I must be very excited if I were one of you.
But, 2 years are ahead of me.

God wants us to be better and trains us in different ways.
And, He wants me to be happy and more independent.

I am glad to have spiritual level friends, like you are.
Remember how we thought why friends couldn't seal together for eternity?
haha, I love talking to Sisi and Casey, and couple of other friends.
Casey said:"Me and Sisi will always be there for you when you need us." That day, I was sad and confused.
Sometimes I envy Casey because of his ability of being constantly happy, or simply not showing his emotions much, or he just does not have much emotion?haha.

Life is blessed and God wants me to learn and grow.